Unlock the Secret (Malfunctioning Door Lock Actuator)

January 16, 2022

What a convenience power door locks are on a vehicle. The latest don't even require you to push the button on the key fob; all you have to do is have it with you. But sometimes there's a component of power door locks that can fail, especially when they are used several times each day. Those ar... More

What You Need to Know from Your Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron Service Advisor

January 9, 2022

Port Huron drivers may feel intimidated when they take their vehicles to a service center. They have questions but aren't sure how to ask. They don't want to feel embarrassed about their lack of knowledge. They don't want to make the service technician feel that they don't trust him.If your serv... More

Get Where You're Going with Power Steering Service in Port Huron

January 2, 2022

Today we're going to talk about power steering service in Port Huron. If you took an informal poll around Port Huron you'd probably find that most vehicle owners have never heard of power steering service. That's not surprising. Even though power steering is standard on every vehicle, most people... More

Getting the Right Tires and Wheels in Port Huron

January 1, 2022

A lot of people get custom wheels in Port Huron. When you do this yourself (over the internet . . .) you could run into trouble if you're not careful. Sometimes, once they're mounted, they just don't fit right. The tires rub in turns or on bumps. You don't want that. Consulting your Tuffy Tire &... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron: When to Replace a Damaged Tire

December 26, 2021

Repair or Replace? Thats a question Port Huron drivers ask when they have tire damage. Some punctures cannot be repaired because of their size or location. Punctures larger than a quarter of an inch (6.4 mm) are considered too large to be safely repaired. Punctures in the sidewall or near the sho... More

Problems with Suspension Solved at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron in Port Huron

December 19, 2021

A vehicle's suspension system is tough. It can last for years and after lots of driving for Port Huron drivers. But it can be damaged quickly by hitting a pothole, curb or rock, and it can wear more quickly if you frequently drive off-road or on bumpy roads. A workhorse vehicle one that hauls he... More

How Far We've Come (Newer Vehicle Technology)

December 12, 2021

Automotive design has come a long way since the days of the Model T, especially when it comes to safety technology. You can thank computers for a lot of the latest innovations. Here are a few that have been making their mark in recent years. Adaptive cruise control. This is cruise control with... More

Speak Up: Talking with Your Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron Service Advisor

December 5, 2021

About 80% of the vehicles on Port Huron roads today are behind on their preventive maintenance schedules. That translates to about 160 million vehicles in the United States that aren't performing as well as they could be - thousands right here in Michigan. Some of the maintenance issues are minor... More

No Fueling! (Fuel Filler Location)

November 28, 2021

If you've ever gotten in an unfamiliar vehicle, maybe a rental car, you may have pulled up to the gas pump and wondered, "Which side is the fuel filler on?" Here's a tip for you. There is usually a little arrow on the instrument panel near the fuel gauge that points to the side where the fuel fi... More

Serpentine Belt Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron

November 21, 2021

Most Port Huron folks occasionally have days when they've got a bunch of errands to run. Yesterday was my day off and I needed to fill the gas tank, pick up some groceries at my Port Huron market, swing by the ATM and get the kids from school. I could have made four trips . . . but that would ha... More