Lease Or Buy?

November 27, 2015

Lease? Or buy? These are the options for Port Huron car financing. It's always a tough question for Port Huron auto owners. But here is some info that'll help you make an informed decision.If you buy, you'll pay the full cost of the car, with maybe an initial down payment, then month... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Port Huron Tune Up

November 25, 2015

Have you ever gone to Port Huron to listen to an orchestra? The musicians take the stage early and tune their instruments. Each individual instrument must be in tune, but the critical thing is for the entire orchestra to be in tune with each other. That's why they tune up together. ... More

Easy Miles – Do Port Huron Driving Conditions Affect Service Intervals?

November 18, 2015

Have you ever noticed that your auto maker has a schedule in your owners manual for what is called severe service maintenance? Lets define what severe driving conditions arent: The easiest driving a vehicle experiences is traveling on the interstate for twenty miles or more at ... More

The Right Automotive Fluids For Port Huron Drivers

November 10, 2015

All those automotive fluids can be confusing for Port Huron drivers. Recent years have brought new grades of engine oil, types of transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. The right fluid protects your vehicle and helps it perform at its best. The wrong fluid wont work as well for Port Huro... More