The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron Guide to Tire Specs

April 28, 2019

You know you need new tires, but you're not sure what type. You look at a tire to get the size: 225, 50, R, 16, 92, H. All the way to the Port Huron service center you keep repeating it over and over. You even say it over in your mind while waiting in line. Then you get to the counter and... More

Keep Your Tires Well Rounded in Port Huron: Tire Rotation and Wheel Balancing at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron

April 21, 2019

Taking care of our tires is part of vehicle care for Port Huron drivers. We know they have to be replaced when they wear out, but tires also require some preventive maintenance. This maintenance will improve and extend the life of the tires, so it's well worth the effort and expense for P... More

Fuel System Cleaning the Professional Way at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron

April 14, 2019

Your fuel system needs to be clean to do its job properly. When it gets dirty, the results are lower engine performance, reduced fuel economy and impaired safety. It can even lead to costly repair bills for Port Huron drivers. So keep your fuel system clean as part of your routine preventive main... More

Ask Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Port Huron: What Happens When a Serpentine Belt Breaks?

April 7, 2019

The serpentine belt is aptly named since it snakes around under your hood. It may lack its namesake's fangs, but it sure packs a wallop when it breaks.The serpentine belt powers a lot of engine systems. It runs the alternator, which charges the battery; the water pump (on some vehicles), w... More